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The Company's offices for economy an
Lobby of the Bonei Hatihon Building.
Pavilion 2 Exhibition Grounds.
Design concept for acs offices.
Printing Examples
Concept design for the company for e
Cafeteria Wall
Beijing Science Center.
The Golden Mall.
Front of the Bonnie Hatihon Building
Manhattan Tower Pool.
Logo signs, Room signs, Sign for the
A room in a Boutique hotel
The Israeli Building Center and the
Design for the Bentav office.
Matte silk glass cladding
Signboards for offices and businesse
Medical company lobby.
Kitchen cover in Regba branches.

Tifa is a company that produces custom concepts for interior design using art and graphics. Through a personalized process, Tifa is able to transform a story, brand or idea into a creative body of work. This process can turn, dull, dreary interior spaces into warm, lively ones, filled with individuality and character.


Behind the Tifa gallery stands Yafit Riklin, an established artist and graphic designer based in Israel. In combination with Yafit's original art, advanced technologies, creativity, imagination and different materials (ranging from glass, wood and metal all the way to leather, plexiglass and wallpaper), Tifa is able to capture the artistic vision of each design.


Over the years Tifa has gained specialized knowledge that combines the right graphic design and material in order to create a complete and cohesive look.


Tifa works with architects, interior designers, public and commercial bodies, offices and the private sector. Tifa provides splashwalls for high-end kitchens in Israel and the USA, escorting its clients from the early stages of conceptualization all the way to the production and installation of the final product.

Littica work

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